Before A World Cup, Ida Sports Rivals Nike And Others To Give Women Suitable Soccer Boots

Ida Sports, the company cofounded by Laura Youngson to provide the best women’s soccer boots on the market, knows its stuff. It’s a good thing, too, because not every renowned brand can readily offer comfortable, suitable footwear for females, whether they are professionals or girls making their first inroads into the game.

Approaching a Women’s World Cup in Australia and New Zealand—another landmark occasion for women’s soccer—some stars will not have the ideal products. Equally significant is the lack of suitable cleats available to a mainstream audience, with labels still providing substandard, unisex options in a year when interest in playing could peak again.

On the topic of peaks, Youngson’s vision for better boots crystalized at the summit of Mount Kilimanjaro, Tanzania, in 2017, while playing in the highest-altitude soccer match on land with Equal Playing Field. Six years later, Ida has backing from Elysian Park Ventures—enabled by Todd Boehly and the ownership behind Los Angeles Dodgers and Premier League club Chelsea—as well as Stadia Ventures and Billy Jean King Enterprises.

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